2014’s Best Holiday Locations

Choosing a holiday destination can be a tough decision, especially if there are a few opinions coming into the mix but what better place to start than taking a look over some of 2014’s hottest holiday locations. From new hotels, vibrant cultures, amazing food and special events, these are some of the must-do places to travel to this year.


It isn’t a country that you might immediately think of visiting but if you are a fan of natural wonders then this might be the best time to go. NASA have stated that they expect the northern lights to reach a vibrant peak of an 11-year solar cycle, so it might just be the best time to ever see the lights!

Cape Town, South Africa

As the city is hosting the World Design Capital designation it has a lot of events booked in its calendar, more than 450 in fact! Cape Town is definitely a city that is generating a lot more tourist interest and it is currently in StumbleUpon’s top 10 destinations. The city is home to plenty of boutiques, markets and galleries that will be enough to keep any tourist entertained and if you want to go for a bit of history then be sure to take the trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.

Palermo, Sicily

Sicily has long been a tourist favourite but more than ever it is capturing traveller’s imagination. It is a surprisingly affordable holiday location that gives you everything from beautiful views and culture, to affordable hotels and a pretty impressive wine scene.

Warsaw, Poland

Poland isn’t generally a location that springs to mind when you are thinking about going on holiday but the nation’s capital has a lot to offer, from a rich culture and history to an emerging youth and vibrant creative scene. It is definitely an option for those on a budget and you can easily have an affordable and great time.

Nashville, USA

If you are looking to go a little farther afield then why not explore more of the USA than the traditional New York, Vegas and LA hotspots. Nashville has a huge country music scene if that’s your thing and you are also going to be getting a pretty good food scene out there too! If you aren’t too keen on risking a visit to one place then you can always go on a road trip across some of the areas you’d most like to visit.


With the World Cup now long gone we personally feel there is no better time to get the most out of the country. A trip to Rio is likely to be less expensive as the bulk of their tourism will have left with the world cup and there will be a potential to get some pretty good hotel deals. World cup aside and there is a lot to do and see in Rio de Janiero, if you want adventure and culture then visit the favelas, otherwise wind away the hours on one of its beautiful beaches.